About Feeders Association of Alberta

The Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited (FAA) is the "umbrella" organization for local feeder association co-ops and is government’s key partner in delivering the Program. All 47 local feeder association co-ops are members. FAA has a key role in creating and maintaining partnerships with government, lenders and other industry stakeholders. Specific roles are related to: 

- Establishing vision and direction for the future; 

- Assisting with development of program policies and procedures; 

- Communication with local associations; 

- Marketing the program to the industry at large; 

- Liaison with other livestock industry organizations. Establishing vision and direction for the future.

FAA provides an optional livestock indemnity program to local associations that "pools" livestock mortality risk among co-operating associations. FAA also provides co-operative bonding or similar security for local association staff as required under Section 4 (3) of the Regulation