About Town of Taber Off Leash Dog Park

The Town of Taber Off Leash Dog Park has been developed for the use and enjoyment of people and their dogs. It is located along Highway 864, before the MD Park area, and right next to the Trout Pond. There is a open parking lot out front. The park itself is a large fully enclosed green space featuring agility equipment, benches, a few trees, and a gravel path that goes around the entire park. There is a water and waste station.

Handlers are responsible for any injuries or damages caused by dogs under their control and must clean up after dogs in their control.

-The Town of Taber is not liable for damages or injuries through miss-use, or caused by patrons of the park.
-Dogs must be licensed and have fully cycle, current vaccinations.
-Dogs must be older than 4 months.
-Dogs must be in view and under control of their owner at all times.
-Handlers must have posession of a leash at all times, and on=leash outside the park.
-Dogs displaying aggressive tendencies must be muzzles or removed from the park.
-Handlers are limited to a maximum of 3 dogs at any one time.
-Female dogs in heat are prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the park!